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Selected patents

V. P. Valtchev & T. Bein

“Synthesis and stabilization of nanosized zeolites particles”

PCT Int. Pat. WO 040,403 / 2002


J. P. Sterte, L. B. Tosheva and V. P. Valtchev

“Process for production of macrostructures of a microporous material” 

U.S. Pat. 6,569,400 / 2003


T. Bein, S. Mintova, “Procedure for Preparing Microporous and Mesoporous Films by Spin-Coating”,

PCT/EP01/12512 / 2000

DE 100 52 075 8 / 2000


J. Sterte, L. Tosheva, V. P. Valtchev & S. Mintova

”Macrostructures of porous inorganic materials and process of their preparation”

PCT Int. Pat. Appl. WO 00 00,287 / 2000


S. Mintova & V. Valchev

”A new crystalline microporous titanosilicate”

 BG Patent  100465 / 1996


V. Vatchev & S. Mintova

”Method for the Preparation of Zeolite-Containing Composite Materials”

BG Patent  60 860 / 1996









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