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Nanoporous products are available as

-         Powders

-         Colloidal suspensions

-         Films and layers

-         Self-bonded 3D constructs


We supply the following nanoporous products

-         Microporous materials in colloidal form

LTA, FAU, BEA, MFI, MEL, LTL, SOD, GIS, AEI type zeolites; some of these zeolites are available with variable silica-to-alumina ratios

-         Highly hydrophobic microporous solids

-         Ordered mesoporous materials

-         Intergrown zeolite materials:
- thin films (2D)

- self-supported bodies (3D)

-         Spin coated films on variable supports

-         Zeolite constructs with hierarchical porosity

-         Metal containing zeolite suspensions





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Nanoporous products


Organic compounds